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Flagstone Uses:

Patios, Walkways, Sidewalks, Steps, Porches, Pool Decks

PA Flagstone-Colors: Lilac & Blue Select

New for 2011:
Brazilian Flagstone

Among the various natural stones, flagstone is an ideal material for your patio. They are quite durable and have the natural non-slip surface. Flagstone also come in a wide range of colors, from red and brown to pink, green, gold and beige, so we can coordinate with virtually any color scheme you desire. Finally flagstones are readily available and are easy to work with.

Flagstone patios can be laid in sand, as opposed to mortar and concrete. The first method is called the dry method and the second is called the wet method.

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Laying a flagstone walkway can be a very good choice if you have a worn trail outside your home or you want to substitute an existing pathway with something nicer. With Brandywine Patio installing a flagstone walkway is just a matter of choosing your style of flagstone and determining how you want the pieces choosing your style of flagstone and determining how you want the pieces to be layed out.

Flagstone pool decks have a major advantage of being non-slippery. Their use around swimming pools at homes is popular for this reason, and they bring a beautiful texture around the tranquilizing presence of the pool at its center. They are the perfect place to relax or walk around for people coming in and out of the pool.